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I was clearing some room in my pc box and was lucky enough to discover that I had an igglybuff with pokerus. I only hatched it to fill the pokedex and I put it away in the pc as soon as it hatched, so I dont see how it could have been infected, I dont remember any other of my Pokemon having it. Igglybuff did hatch in the safari zone, could it somehow got infected there or could it born infected? Also, do I have to take igglybuff to the Pokemon center for pokerus to work?

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I know eggs can CATCH Pokerus...

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Yes a Pokemon can be 'born' with Pokerus - but only if they caught PokeRus as an egg and provided that it didn't wear off before it hatched(I think.)
Starting from Gen III and onwards, Eggs were able to catch Pokerus just like normal Pokemon. So your Igglybuff egg probably got infected as an egg - maybe you overlooked something? :L

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I think what knightofdragon said is right - They can only be born with Pokerus if they had it as an egg. Pokerus spreads to an egg just like to a regular Pokemon - Having a Pokemon with Pokerus in your party, or battling one with Pokerus.

That means one of your Pokemon had to have Pokerus, because eggs can't get it by battling. If you ever battled with Igglybuff, which I don't think you did, it probably got it from a wild Pokemon. The only other way is a glitch. The Safari Zone has nothing to do with it. :P

As for your other question, you don't have to take Igglybuff to the Pokemon Center for Pokerus to take effect and double all EVs.

Hope I helped :)

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