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I have found MANY Pokémon with pokerus, yet none of them passed it down or spread it. I have kept my Pokerus Malamar on my team since Route 3! Is passing it down really rare, or could my Malamar be hacked?

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It's possible that your Pokerus Malamar was already cured. Cured Pokemon can't spread Pokerus further.
It was not cured. It still has the pink face. And the tab where status conditions were said "Pokerus".
Doesn't the face mean that it's been cured already?

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No, Hacked Pokemon can also passed down pokerus. And passing down pokerus isn't rare, pokerus passed down each time after a battle. To spread pokerus, battle with the Pokemon with pokerus at the front of your party, then switch to a Pokemon in battle And pokerus spread on other Pokemon of party.

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