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I saw a question that asked how to get a b-day audio. what the what is that!


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A birthday Audino is a special event that you got if your birthday is in the month of November and you were in Japan at the time. It holds a Rare Candy, the type of pokeball its in is a Cherish Ball. It holds a ribbon and has the "fateful encounter" status.

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I think it also knows the move present.
Wow. That`s a lot of stuff. But, my b-day`s not in November so o well :)
At lest u get a birthday togekiss.
I got no togekiss form event
I have a serene grace togekiss,but I do Have super luck togepi
haha u missed your birthday Togekiss
I never knew what events were until there was keldeo...that was my first event