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When I was Battling An Audino in Pokemon Black 2, It used Simple Beam on one of my Pokemon, It then Said that My Pokemon Had Acquired Simple. Can Someone Please Explain What it means and What happened to my Pokemon? As Usual Thanks to whoever answers!

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Simple beam is a move that changes the targets ability to simple. A Pokemon with the ability simple has double the normal stat boosts. For example, swords dance usually only boosts attack by +2. However, when a Pokemon with the ability simple uses swords dance, their attack is boosted by +4. So basically, your Pokemon had its ability changed from whatever its ability was to simple during the battle, but its ability returned to normal once the battle was over. Hope this helped and here's a little more info.http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Simple_Beam_(move)

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Simple beam just changes the target Pokemon ability to simple.

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