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Like if a Pokemon used Simple Beam on Kommo-o, and then Kommo-o's ability became Simple, are all its stats doubled after using Clangorous Soulblaze? (Clangorous Soulblaze boosts all stats by one after use)

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honestly the scariest part of the replay is that Kommo-o STILL lost 92% HP AFTER the 2x SpD raise 0.o
The Beheeyem I used had maximum special attack investment, a life orb, and a super effective STAB attack. What else were you expecting?
Why tho? 0 investment w/o any item would still prove your point xD
Because I can.

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Yes, if you use Clangorous Soulblaze with simple beam, you will have all stats boosted by 2. But, it only works if done after the move. For example. Lets say you send out Kommo-o and Genesect. Kommo-o is faster then Genesect so it goes first and uses Clogorous Blaze. Then Genesect goes and uses Simple-Beam. Kommo-o's stats are only boosted by 1 each. Why? Becuase it has to use the move AFTER simple beam. It has to go after the Pokemon using simple beam. So Genesect has to use Simple Beam BEFORE Kommo-o uses the move.