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I want to use a team where my Rotom-Frost uses snatch on my Kommo-o while it uses Clangorous Soul (balanced move btw) then send out my Abomasnow with Snow Warning so Rotom-Frost can spam Blizzard. Would it be able to snatch Clangorous Soul? I know you can't snatch Geomancy (imagine if you could), so can you snatch it?

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Clangorous Soul does have the Snatch flag. That means Rotom will be the one losing its health, not Kommo-o, so keep that in mind when determining how fragile the setup is.

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That being said, Snatch was one of the moves removed from SwSh.
Thanks. I wanted to make a cool meme team in usum doubles. Although snatch was one of my favorite moves. I wish it wasn't removed.
The fact that moves still have a Snatch flag programmed in could suggest that Snatch might be patched in when the DLC comes.