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Not just in average, it needed for a moveset. The planned moveset is the following:
Held Item: Kommonium Z/Expert Belt
Nature: Mild (+ Sp.Atk, -Defense)
EVs: 200 Attack, 252 Special Attack, 48 Speed

  • Sky Uppercut/Drain Punch
  • Flamethrower
  • Clanging Scales
  • Iron Tail
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Soundproof. Most of the moves Soundproof protects you from are effective and not very effective, only three of them are super effective (Clanging Scales, Clangorous Soulblaze and Disarming Voice), so I wouldn't recommend this one. The only good thing about this ability to me is that you can protect yourself from Clangorous Soulblaze users.

Bulletproof. Bulletproof protects you from, Beak Blast, Ice Ball, Mist Ball and Weather Ball (Ice) and other moves that I don't think matter because they aren't super effective. This is a extremely great ability if you are the kind of trainer who predicts your opponents attacks and switches out into Kommo-o just before a Tocannon is about to use Beak Blast or just before a Latias uses Mist Ball.

Overcoat. Well Overcoat is kind of useless because it only protects you from that tiny amount of damage that weather (Hail, Rain, etc.) gives you. Okay, it's not completely useless, it makes you immune to powder moves, most notably Spore.

I definitely recommend Bulletproof.

Source. Also most people use Bulletproof, and here's the proof to prove it (do you see what I did there?).

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Dude you are forgetting a lot of other moes those ailities block
Also plz show a scource
Latias never uses Mist Ball (It will have Psychic/Psyshock instead; or, more likely, use Draco Meteor). Bullet Proof is still good, because it protects you from multi-hit moves like Aqua Shuriken and Icicle Spear that things like Greninja and Cloyster like to Spam.

Soundproof Protects Kommo-o from Pixiate Hyper Voice and prevents any sound moves from harming it if it carries Substitute :P
Overcoat does have an additional niche in that if you want to use the Totem version (which has a weight increase, crossing the threshold to have built-in immunity to Sky Drop) it must have that ability. It also makes you immune to powder moves, most notably Spore.
Some formats have boomburst users, as well as other Kommo-O with clanging scales, that can threaten Kommo-O. Soundproof is better in those formats.
you can use soundproof to not get fazed by roarers
Roar isn't very popular (I, think) :P
In some formats it is.