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And if I use swallow or spit up will I lose the multiplies boost if yes?


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Yes, Stockpile will give you a 2x Defense and SpD. Boost. If Swallow it Spit Up is used, you will go back to your normal Defense and Special Defense. They will be lowered 2 stages of 1 Stockpile was used.
Source: I just tested it.
Don't judge my horrible team.

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Thx for answering. The person did give an interesting idea. 4x both def then baton pass to a Chansey
No problem!
Could u also make another replay after swoobat takes damage before I ba to confirm the doubt that appeared in kyogres answer
Sure. Filler
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The Simple ability affects any and all stat changes to the user. If you have 2+ defences from one Stockpile and use Spit Up or Swallow, then your defences will be harshly lowered.

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Wait what I thought they meant the stockpile itself, not the stat boosts
Oh I don't know, I thought they meant the boosts because they said "multiplies boost"
I dunno we'll see what the person means
The question is "does Simple effect Stockpile BOOSTS"
Yes, but it would be quite obvious because simple doubles any stat boost. The stockpile effect(not the stat boost) could have doubled  which could be why they asked.
Very true but Pokebase has had some very obvious questions like "How can Squirtle learn Bite"