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I am debating whether or not to teach BLR(Pelipper), Thief, to deal with Pheobe, it's the only Dark move I could possibly get without having to go back through Victory Road, and BLR's the only one that can learn it. It's moveset is Surf, Fly, Stockpile and Swallow. I want to keep the first two around due to the fact that they're STAB, however I'm debating on getting rid of Stockpile and Swallow, because I can auto-heal him with a Full Restore/Max Potion using only one turn, and Stockpile/Swallow uses 2, plus, this would open up 2 slots, not just one, due to the fact that 1 is useless without the other(BRL's past the point it learns Spit Up), which I will probably use for Arial Ace, to give him a non-two-turn, better, Flying STAB move. What do you think? Should I keep these two?

I don't think it's worth it because you would waste 2 moveslots, crits exist, you can use potions/restores, and you could have better moves than those.

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No, I don't think it is worth it. It takes 2 turns to get it ready, and you could use that turn to attack. Plus, with healing items, you could use a potion to heal even more than with Swallow. Also, Thief is way too weak in this gen to be good, as it has a 40 base power. A STAB water move would probably do more to Pheobe's ghosts. I hope I've helped!

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Okay, I'll do Water Pulse and Arial Ace instead of Stockpile/Swallow.
Don't use Water Pulse. It is way too gimmicky even though it can confuse. Do Surf and Aerial Ace or Fly. Also, if you have it, Ice Beam and Shock Wave would help on it too.
Okay, I already said I have Surf and Fly, so both those pairs would not work.
Also, Water Pulse is my only Water Type TM.