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Because l like to use them. It makes posts look more... interesting.
(BTW--by the way), if you don't know, by 'moving' sprites, I mean this:

enter image description here

I got this off a website I saw, but it lags a lot. Because of all the moving sprites.

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I tagged in 'starter-pokemon' because I can't find any tags relating to this.
Btw, the site he used was Pokecheck.
I've always liked Pokecheck because you can get Shiny animated sprites, shiny back sprites, and shiny animated back sprites. :3
I posted it because I liked it too, but it got hidden cause firesource already used it.

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The Pokemon Database has much more to offer than this Q and A my friend, such as the [Sprite Gallery.][1] This includes the moving sprites from Generation V.

[1]: http://pokemondb.net/sprites
You may obtain moving sprites for all 649 Pokemon. Hope this helps

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And because this site has it so that all the moving sprites are not on the same page, there is no lag.
Thank you! I did know that this website had a sprite gallery, I just assumed the sprites were inanimate, pictures f the pokemon