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I was told that you can find the stones in battle subway for 1 bp or battle point. I talked to the lady and she only sells protein and things like that and the guy sells TMs. Where do I get the stones? Please help me! Thanks! :)

sorry, I had mistaken this with Pokemon black and white 2 ›.‹

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You can't buy any of the elemental stones sorry
Here are the locations of the stones;
Water Stone; Dustclouds in caves, Castelia City (You must answer Panpour), Driftveil City near the lighthouse
Fire Stone: Dustclouds in caves, Castelia City (You must answer Pansear), Desert Resort
Thunder Stone: Route 9 (Department Store), Chargestone Cave, Dustclouds in caves
Alternatively you can trade. That is all sorry.

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I think you can Buy them for 1 BP @ PWT In Black & White 2 maybe u can buy them @ Battle Subway instead?
You can buy them for 3 BP at all games