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Yes I know you Pokemon on it and shake it, you can catch Pokemon and items, but what is the point of it?

How does it work? Thats what im asking.
Little known fact!: The Pokewalker is one of the most accurate pedometers there are.

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The pokewalker is where you send one Pokemon to the small device that you can catch Pokemon that doesn't appear in the games or hard to get Pokemon, such as spiritomb. Like the name implies you need to walk around with it. For Pokemon like spiritomb, you need to walk a great deal of steps to encounter them and be in a location in the pokewalker.

Let me explain that last part a little further, for each Pokemon that can be encountered, via pokewalker, requires a set of steps and a "in device" location.

While you walk around with the pokewalker, the Pokemon in the device will gain levels (until level 100) and gain happiness.

For a source and to finish up, this will help.

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From your Pokemon version game's PC Box to The Pokewalker

It gives the walking Pokemon happiness

That's all it does

I think

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Makes your Pokemon HAPPY! And you want them to be happy...

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So many answers! Lets add another one!
PokeWalker is a side item for the Pokemon Heartgold and SoulSilver versions. It's actually a remake of the Pokemon Pikachu 2, a similar device made for Pokemon Gold/Silver! :D
Obviously, like you said, you can catch Pokemon, raise Friendship and find items on the Pokewalker throuhg 'watts' which are obtained through walking - or in your case shaking (Walking is so much more healthier however :3)

I always thought of it as a Pedometer rather than something else. The convenient thing was that I got it right after I lost my pedometer... XD
When you asked 'How does it work'... yeah well you shake it and you get Watts. XD
As for what the point of it was, as in why Gamefreak even bothered making it. Promotional offer I suppose. Or to encourage fitness if young kids because they could go exercise with their Pokewalkers and play Pokemon at the same time! :D

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The Pokéwalker's main function is a pedometer, so as you walk it will count the number of steps you take. Every 20 steps counts as one Watt. The more Watts you earn, the more you unlock on the Pokéwalker, such as additional routes and rarer wild Pokémon. Your Pokémon also earn one EXP point per step, until they have enough to go up one level. After that, they will not earn any more until their level increases, which happens when transferred back to the game.

It's relatively easy to gain Watts, just keep the Pokéwalker in your pocket as you go about your daily life of school, work, etc. I work in an office where I'm sat down a lot of the time and still get over 1,500 steps a day. If you play any sport you can get a lot of steps that way too.

All the possible Pokéwalker routes are listed to the right. Some are only avilable through Wi-fi events so may be unavailable at this time. Each route requires a certain number of Watts on the Pokéwalker to unlock, with 8 routes available pre-National Dex and 12 after you obtain the National Dex (after beating the Elite Four and Champion).

Each route has three advantageous types - if you send over a Pokémon of that type, the required number of steps to find each wild Pokémon are reduced by 25