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herd about it. No idea what it is.


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A gravity team is a Pokemon team built around the move Gravity - kind of like a Trick Room team.
Gravity cancels the affect of moves like Bounce, Hi Jump Kick etc. as well as flying type, immunity to spikes, toxic spikes etc. It also has a 2 stage decrease in evasion, so Gravity teams often focus around using high powered, low accuracy attacks like Focus Blast.

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*decrease in evasion.
If it was accuracy, that would suck with Focus Blast. :P
oops. xD
Focus Miss :D
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A team that makes use of Gravity to patch up the low accuracy of powerful moves such as Blizzard and Thunder, while also letting Ground hit Flying and Levitating Pokemon.

See: http://www.smogon.com/bw/articles/bw_gravity