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Moves that work together to make one of the moves strong or have better accuracy

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  • Encore and Torment used together force an opponent to use struggle or switch.
  • Trick, Switcheroo or Bestow whilst holding the Choice Band, Choice Specs or Choice Scarf and Torment used together force an opponent to use struggle or switch.
  • Follow Me, Wide Guard, Mat Block or Rage Powder can cause opponents to attack one of your Pokemon whilst the other can safely set-up with Dragon Dance, Shell Smash or Belly Drum etc. or use Focus Punch without being hit.
  • Two fast Pokemon that know Belly Drum and Psych Up can set-up in 1 turn [I recommend Linoone and Mega-Medicham]
  • Heal Pulse can be used on Pokemon that would make great stallers but have no HP recovery moves, like many physical walls.
  • Multiple-opponent moves like Razor Leaf, Rock Slide, Heat Wave, Earthquake, Surf, Discharge, Dazzling Gleam, Explosion etc. can give 2 turns of damage in 1 to two different Pokemon.

[Your allies can dodge these moves with the ability **Anticipation** or the semi-vulnerable moves like **Fly, Phantom Force and Dive etc.**, Protect themselves with **Spiky Shield, King's Shield, Protect or Detect**, take no damage because of immunities being **Normal, Ground, Flying, Ghost, Dark, Steel or Fairy Type**, having the beneficial abilities **Sap Sipper, Storm Drain, Flash Fire, Levitate, Lighting Rod, Water Absorb** etc. or using moves to get said abilities like **Role Play, Skill Swap or Magnet Rise** etc.]

  • Helping Hand boosts the power of an allies attack.
  • Gastro Acid can be used to remove negative abilities of your allies or positive abilities of your opponents.
  • Skill Swap can be used to remove the negative ability of your ally and then give it to your opponent as well as giving your ally a more useful ability like sturdy skill swapped by a Carbink.
  • Combining Prankster with Taunt and a status-inflicting move like Thunder Wave, Will-O-Wisp, Toxic or Sleep Powderb etc. will mess up many double battle strategies (a LOT of them rely on setting-up) whilst damaging the opponent because of a burn or poison or wasting their turns because of paralysis, sleep or being frozen.

You can generally just set-up quicker like activating a weather condition via Sanstorm, Hail, Sunny Day, Rain Dance, Sand Stream, Snow Warning, Drought or Drizzle or use Toxic whilst your ally uses Venoshock or Hex.

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helping hand is good because it doubles your parteners damage and also belly drum will maximize your power and then use baton pass so your partener & other party members will have max power

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razor leaf hits both earthquake hits all so use a flying type as your second one for exposion use a ghost type as the second discharge ground type

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