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Im working on a new team and im worried that haveing flygon and dragnite on the same team will make it weak, but I really like them both.

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I would say just have one Dragon type. If you ever do have two Pokemon tht share a type, mak sure that they don't share a weakness (for example, my team has Garchomp and Swampert, who don't have any of the same weaknesses.)

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Fly gon is dragon ground and dragonite is dragon flying
Suicune1413, that means they are both 4x weak to Ice which is quite a major weakness. You'd be best replacing one of those for a pokemon like Kingdra/Dialga/Palkia.
Just teach them flamethrower.
Bad idea teaching them flamethrower, seeing how they both specialize in attack. Try rock, steel, or fighting type moves.
Relying on a fire move to protect you from an anti-dragon team member is no good, since there are plenty of non-ice Pokémon that can learn Ice Beam or Ice Fang.