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If it has such bad stats even at lv. 100 and its only move is transform don't you want it go first before it dies.

its kinda hard to move fast if you have no limbs and your body has the consistency of tapioca

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It's a gimmick Pokemon and Game Freak does not give gimmick Pokemon good stats. All of Ditto's stats are at base 48. So Game Freak is going to put its speed at base 48 also. Why 48? It might have something to do with that number giving Ditto a max HP of 300. Anyways, Game Freak doesn't design Pokemon for metagame balance, so they'd prefer to have a blob not move at blinding speed and also give it equal stats. If going first with Transform is your concern, give Ditto Quick Powder. Or just use Imposter Choice Scarf like everybody else.

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Ditto can take on the appearance, stats, and moveset of any Pokemon. This being said, besides priority moves, Defense, Special Defense, Attack, Special Attack do not matter. Who cares if they're low? Unless you're running Struggle Ditto. The slowness can be remedied by a Choice Scarf. Thus, only HP matters.

If Ditto was fast, no Pokemon would be able to stop it from transforming into another. Good Defensive stats? That means a harder time taking it out before a Transform. GameFreak made it that way so Ditto would not be overpowered.

Struggle Ditto>Life.