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If I use a air lock or cloud nine Pokemon as my lead KO the lead Pokemon on the other team (assuming they start with a weather lead) and then onnce the opposing Pokemons I switch in to ninetails or politoed, how effective would this be and what cloud/Air Lock user would be able to stop all weather inducers? (I'm thinking licky licky would be the best). Does anyone have any critiques to my plan? Thanks!

P.S. I Have another question: does anyone knowif Rayquaza is an an uber because he's the only useful Pokemon I can think of with this ability

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Just saying, cloud nine is really overlooked, and air lock is rayquaza's only ability. That trick is a bit useless, since almost everyone has an easy counter to weather teams. You can just make the weather lead really slow in order to get the weather you want. Cloud nine users are usually only in the lower tiers, and usually have better abilities. Raquaza is in uber.

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Okay so like Charizard said, the tiers are screwed up and none of the Pokemon with Air Lock (Rayquaza) or Cloud Nine are in the correct tier. The weather abusers are all in OU/Ubers so Rayquaza is acceptable if you want to run it in Ubers, but otherwise the Cloud Nine users (Lickilicky, Altaria etc.) are all outclassed in the OU metagame.

The trick sounds good on paper but the thing is, with Wifi battles most people will be inclined to preserve their Weather starter if they see you with one as well - It is highly unlikely you're going to be able to KO them (Cloud Nine users have less-than-desirable offensive stats) unless you get a crit... and even then =/. Provided it's a half decent opponent, once they realise their Weather Starter is going to be toast they're going to preserve it until they force out your one and destroy it.

Stopping Weather Wars is generally in the form of trappers of unexpected offensive Pokemon - Sunny Day Ninetales, Sunny Day Heatran can bring the momentum back for a Sun Team, while Pokemon like Dugtrio trap and kill Tyranitar as well as hurt Politoed badly with a combination of Earthquake & Reversal with Focus Sash.

Also having a dedicated Pokemon on your team just to counter weather... what happens if they're running the same weather as you? That Pokemon becomes virtually useless really =/ since all the Cloud Nine users will basically get roasted by a good super effective attack. Counters to Weather Inducers generally have the ability to function against weatherless teams or same-weather teams, like Dugtrio who is mostly there to kill T-Tar but can set up Stealth Rocks as well as hit hard against any non-ghost type with a full powered Reversal.

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