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Example: has there ever been a dog or a cat in the anime?


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All animals in the anime have been despicted as very normal Pokemon. Usually normal types since they seem to be based on animals the most

Popular Animal/Pokemon what they were doing

>Johanna used to use her Glameow as her main contest Pokemon but is now just her pet

This replaces the roles of common house cats

>In the Pokemon Movie 2000: "The Power of One" wild pidgey were seen acting up because of the weather changes that were taking place because of the legendary birds being caught be Lawrence III

This behaviour is often seen with animals when the weather drastically changes and to be specific when bad weather is arriving

>In the Best Wishes seasons a herd of Bouffalant were seen grazing on a field

In our world this is just done by Buffalos which Bouffalant are based off

There are a lot more but these examples were just to make things a little bit clearer :3

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There have been actual animals in the anime. The link above can tell you all instances of them. No cats or dogs (although a dog was in a Pokemon book) but a good amount of fish.

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In one episode it just show regular fish of t
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