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What will happening if I use Curse on Shedinja, will it survive or fainted?


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Assuming if you're using Curse with a Ghost Type Pokemon thus creating the effect of the user losing half it's HP while the Opponent losing a certain amount every round.
Wonder Guard is an ability which blocks all un-supereffective attacks, provided they are a direct attack - one which has a base power/set power. Any indirect damaging moves like Sandstorm, Hail, Toxic and status ailments will hit through Wonder Guard so logically, yes Curse would work on Shedinja and KO it. Through paying half your HP seems like a hefty price to take out Shedinja :P

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Shedinja will immediately faint if it receives any form of indirect damage, such as from status ailments, weather conditions or entry hazards.

It will faint. This relates to Stealth Rock damage, as if it had 4 or over HP, it would take away 25% instead of instantly KOing it.