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I was on unova rpg and I caught a shiny litwick. I was so happy cause my favorite Pokemon in gen. 5 was chandelure and I was going to train it. So I went to my Pokemon team and put litwick on my team. And suddenly I when to the move tutor on litwick summary and suddenly I saw the Pokemon move blue flare first one on my list. I mean how can litwick learn blue flare? I mean he is a fire type but how in the WORLD did he learn blue flare?

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For starters Litwick CANNOT learn Blue Flare. That is a move restricted to the likes of Reshiram.

There is also no Blue Flare on it's learnset so the most likely answer is you in fact misread Blue FLAME as Blue Flare. Double check the actual move, and if it is actually Blue Flare then obviously you have a massive glitch.

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Blue Flare was Fire-Type move but, Blue Flare was the signature move of Reshiram as you know. Only Reshiram and Victini (Obtained in Event on Pokemon Center Tohoku Victini that can learn Blue Flare ). But, unfortunately the event of the Victini was ended. But, sometimes in the future you will got new event of victini and the others.

Maybe, that was another "Pokemon Bug" (not bug Pokemons I mean, some kinda error or self-glitch) But, your Litwick can learn Inferno and Fire Blast the Powerful fire moves. for Inferno is at Level 38 and, for Fire Blast, from TM. of course litwick can learn Inferno and Fire Blast

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