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Which should i do? Keep Flare Blitz, or reteach my Infernape Close Combat to replace it?
Flare Blitz Recoil: Damage.
Close Combat Recoil: Def. + Sp. Def. Down.

My infernape is lvl 100 and i want to change flare blitz, but im not sure if i should keep it or change with close combat. My question, my rules (Right?). ^.^
Put Both
ill think about it.......

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For an Infernape it would make sense to put both of those moves on it.
They are both STAB moves and are good choices for an Infernape. If you
think those moves are a bit too risky for you're Infernape then use these
moves instead of those moves,

Brick Break for Close Combat
Fire Punch for Flare Blitz

Here is a set I use with those moves,

Infernape (M) @Expert Belt
Trait: Blaze or if you can Iron Fist
Nature: Jolly (+Spd. -Sp.Atk)
EV's: 252 Sod. 252 Atk. 6 Hp.

  • Brick Break- STAB
  • Fire Punch- STAB
  • Thunder Punch- Type coverage
  • Swords Dance/Bulk Up- Gives power to the moves.

Hope I Helped Ya!

a totally different infernape, plus i taught it earthquake (you should have guessed). but ill see how i can work this out. but this DID really help :D
i just had another idea, i can breed an infernape and teach it those moves, and ill just teach my first one close combat and keep flare blitz.  the answer was so simple. how did i not see it? :<
Yeah you can have two with different sets.
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You could go with either, but remmeber Flare Blitz hits the users pokemon with recoil. As for Close Combat it lowers the users Special Defense and Defense by 1. It's a choice of preference really.

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Both are good moves but if Infernape doesn't have a fighting type move I would put close combat or at least brick break on it. Flamethrower instead of flare blitz if you want less damage , but no recoil damage is another option for it to. If you gave it's original moveset then it would be easier to pick which move should be learned. Hope I helped!! :)

I guess that is the best way.