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Nature: Adamant

Flare Blitz
Wild Charge
Extreme Speed
Close Combat or Outrage

Close Combat or Outrage?

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Close combat is super effective against more stuff, so use that.

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Outrage isn't a good move for Arcanine, your opponent can switch to a fairy type Pokemon like Tapu Lele and it can easily KO Arcanine.
You should use Close Combat to counter Nihilego, Porygon-Z etc. The stat dropping of Close Combat isn't any problem. Also, Close Combat gives Arcanine Coverage to Rock.

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whoops, well that aside, Arcanine is irrelevant in any meta-game that has Tapu Lele. Arcanine is most likely going to (or already has) Dropped to RU, and would never face a Tapu Lele. However, close combat is still better; if your defenses really get to low, just switch out or let it faint.
Whay get ride of Wild charge? Arcanine is fast and can hit hard, he can easily defeat many water types using wild charge before they could hit him with a water type move, besides it also give him something to deal with flying types.
Why is this down voted? Close Combat is a good answer to the question. I'm hiding the down vote.
Because it sugest will-o-wisp over wild charge who better suit the balanced sweep set gived by the owner of the question. (Also the nature)
 If his moveset was another combination and will-o-wisp really completed thoose moves instead of getting rid of the move who complete the actual sweep set, it would be ok.  After all, our intention is helping the owner of the question right?
 I hope you guys understand, thanks all!
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Both moves are greath in that Pokemon, but the best between them will depend on the use of your particular
, if you want to conter a particular Pokemon whose type is dragon, then outrage is best. If you want your arcanine to have a balanced set to be average efective against everything, close combat cover more types and have almost the same power as outrage, so for that situation, close combat is best.

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True, while close combat provides coverage, outrage can hit hard. It usually depends on the team, format/in game(and which game), what generation, and any other struggles. It also depends on items, it could have Assault vest, Life orb, Choice band/Scarf, or something uncommon like shell bell even, and depending on the item can determine which moves work better, as well as what role arcanine is used for.