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In HG, dj Ben says this over the radio: (Thursdays) "Now for some Sinnoh music, from that great land to the North". Yet, Serebii's PokeEarth has Sinnoh to the South of Johto. Do you see what I'm getting at? Game Freak can't be wrong; they wouldn't make Ben say that if it wasn't true. So, is Serebii's PokeEarth innacurate? There is no way Game Freak can be wrong. Can they?

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Serebii is wrong. Sinnoh is northeast of Johto and Kanto.

That's what I thought, Sinnoh would fit quite nicely above Kanto and Johto after all. but they have Oree there. Maybe it's above Orre.
I'M NOT SURE WHERE oRRE IS, BUT sINNOH IS the northern most region known.