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In a Previous question I asked I found out that the Pikachu in Yellow was no stronger than a regular Pikachu. I would never consider using a normal Pikachu in gen 1. What I'm asking was it more common to ditch the Pikachu or did People keep it? Was it a valuable asset to teams?

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The only Pikachu you'll find in the game, this Electric-type cannot be
evolved in Yellow and follows you around, similar to Ash's Pikachu on
the television show. Unique to this Pikachu is the fact that it has
emotions, which can be checked by talking to it. This Pikachu gets
Thunderbolt at level 25 as well. To see Pikachu's emotions and what
affects them, click

It wasn't really valuable though it was used a lot because of it's resamblance to Ash's Pikachu and back then many trainers wanted to act as if they were Ash in their various games, even now this is still possible. I know you would never use a Pikachu but their are a limited amount of electric types so deal with it Jojo :P

Electric types in Yellow

  • Electabuzz
  • Jolteon
  • Pikachu
  • Magneton
  • Electrode
  • Zapdos

Other then the fact that it learns thunderbolt at lv.25, that it can't evolve and that it shows emotions, it isn't really valuable

Click on this link to read more and to see it's emotions

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You forgot about Magneton and Electrode.
oh yeah, thanks for the extra notice, always reminding me of things I forget :)
My friend had proven that if you try to give your pikachu a thunderstone and trade it to someone else, it will evolve into a Raichu.
:O, dats cool
Also if you trade it to GSC it will be holding the Light Ball, which doubles its Attack and Special Attack. Maybe this is Game Freak's reasoning as to why Ash's Pikachu seems to be so powerful?
^Still doesn't explain how it OHKOs Geodude
I'm pretty sure Ash's Pikachu doesn't have a light ball.
Ok, maybe not. But it does make Pikachu viable in GSC, as it can have better Attack and Special Attack than its evolution. It still isn't the best option, but it is usable.