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I mean do they need Windows 8 especially for White 2?

I'm sorry but those kinds of questions isn't allowed here.

No ROM questions: If you are using a ROM and something weird happens (e.g. a Pokemon appears where it shouldn't) then it's almost certainly a glitch with the Emulator/ROM. Like above, if it's not an official game played on a real system, it's not our concern. Don't ask where to find ROMs, and don't link others to ROMs. They are illegal.

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If you're referring to playing Pokemon Black/White 2 on Emulator, yes you can run them on Windows 7. I've played them on the laptop I'm using right now which is Windows 7 (I just checked System Information) and they work fine (lags a little but my computer is slow :s)

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Do it need some kind of Graphic Cards to play?
you should be fine with whatever you have now but you'll peobbly need to download a different ROM depending on whether you're 32bit or 64.
But 5th Gen games miss some features, if used on emulator, e.g. season change. But I suppose all emulators have downfalls