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I have played every gen except 5 and wanted to know which version to get, or if I should get both.
Some of the things I'm wondering: Are b2/w2 a repeat of b/with minor differences, are b/w just a really basic version of b2/w2? Or is each version unique and both deserve to be played?
If I do just go directly to b2/w2, would I be missing out on any special plot points?

I have been burned on both sides; buying leafgreen thinking it would have enough twist from the original red and blue but turning out nothing special, and passing on buying emerald thinking it would be almost the exact thing as ruby and saphire, but later finding out all the unique features it had. So I really want to inform myself on making a decision so I dont regret it.

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Just another thing to point out, a lot of the original Pokemon appear in BW2. So, if you like your original Pokemon, I'd strongly recommend BW2.

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Is it worth it to get both B/W and B2/W2?

Yes though I wouldn't get all four :P (Imo I would just get one of each Ex: Black and White 2)

Are B2/W2 a repeat of B/W with minor differences, are B/W just a really basic version of B2/W2?

No B/W 2 is a continuation of B/W

Or is each version unique and both deserve to be played?

Yup yup

If I do just go directly to B2/W2, would I be missing out on any special plot points?

No, nothing to special except a few turns for characters.

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Yes, it is worth playing both versions.

I recommend playing Black/White 1 first as this will allow you to understand Black/White 2 completely when you come to it however, jumping straight to Black/White 2 would be fine as they don't refer back that much to cause you confusion.

They both have their pros and cons, for example, Black/White 1 may be considered as having a better storyline, as Black/White 2 has better post-game content.

Hope I helped :)

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Well, I think you should get both. B2/W2 is a sequel to B/W so to more understand B2/W2 just play B/W first. And definitely save money by getting black OR white. Of course you can get both, though. I'm not the boss of you. And for a warning the first black and white, black has reshiram and white has zekrom. But black 2 has kyurem/zekrom and white 2 has kyurem/reshiram. I hope I was helpful!

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