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In episode 59 where ash got his volcano badge he had a charizard but in episode 66 where they were all stuck on a mountain he had a charmander. How?


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Actually, Artist KS is completely right. Snow Way Out was aired as Episode 66 in English. It was originally intended to be Episode 041, but was rescheduled after the Electric Soldier Porygon incident. For those that don't know, Episode 038 (Electric Soldier Porygon) caused hundreds of Japanese kids to have epileptic seizures because of strobe lighting effects. The show was stopped for a few months afterwards, as a investigation as to why this happened took place. So the order of episodes was mixed up. "Holiday Hi-Jynx" and "Snow Way Out" were intended to take place just after Ep. 038. As the show was post-poned for several months, that never happened, so the English dub just placed them randomly into their version of the anime.

Sources: Electric Soldier Porygon, and Snow Way Out

Wow, I had no idea about that.
Yeah, and its also the reason that Porygon and its evolutions haven't been seen since (except for a couple of very brief cameos where they aren't even mentioned). In fact, Porygon2 and Porygon-Z are the only pre-Gen V pokemon not to have made appearances in the anime. Though why they kept giving Porygon evolutions if they weren't going to put them in the anime because of an incident that happened over a decade ago is beyond me (though I actually like the evolutions in-game),
The part everybody laughs at is that Pikachu actually caused the strobe lights. :P