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I have a berry stand on join avenue in White2. If the rank gets to a high enough level, can the berry stand sell EV berries? If so, at what rank will this happen?

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Yes, but only when the Florist (berry store) is at rank 9 or 10 (the max level) and it will only sell 3 of the 6 EV reducing berries depending on your version.

In W2, it will Qualot, Pomeg and Kelpsy according to Serebii, but for some reason I got Tamato in mine... anyway, you get the first one at rank 9, the last 2 at rank 10.

EDIT: Okay basically Bulba and Serebii are saying different things; Bulba is saying that the berries available are dependant on the shop keeper that you invited to be the Florist, Serebii just says version exclusive. I think Bulba is right, considering I got Tamato Berry in W2. You still only get 3 berries per shop though.

There's also the breeder on Route 4 who will sell you a random bunch for 200, which is a lot cheaper than the Join Avenue Florist. I would advise you to stock up daily from her, because she will most likely hand you 1 of the 3 that aren't available in your version.

Join Avenue - Serebii

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I knew there had to be EV berries somewhere. Thanks for the extra info about the breeder on route4.
There's Dream World too, where you can grow them, but that's a hassle. Also not available if you have no wifi.