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Sometimes, and more recently, always, evertime I use a medicine like HP Up, Calcium, Carbos, ect, my Pokemon's stats don't change. I've used like 7 HP Up on my Servine, and it's HP still remains at 82. Same for my Zebstrika, I've used 4 Calcium's but it's Sp. Atk is still the same as it was. Any advice? :c


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For the HP, it should raise HP right away if you use that many. I don't know why this would happen, but it sounds like a glitch.

As for the Calcium, it add 10 SAtk EVs per use, so you will not see the effects until you level it up. Also not that the extra stat boosts from the Calcium will not come in one level, and will often be spread through level.

Hope I helped! :)
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Okay, thank you. (:
But the issue with HP Up has happened to me in almost all games..Gen 3-5. I thought it was just part of the game..? :/ yeah..I'm pissed though. Lol
Actually HP doesn't rise straight away. Depends what level you're at. If you used 10 HP Ups and HP hasn't risen, either there's something wrong or your Pokemon just has really low HP IV. Vitamin boosts will be more obvious when you level up.
HP Up is the only vitamin (bar PP up) that will raise stats directly after you use it, and 7 HP Ups were used, so it should have been raised.
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It also depends on the level of the Pokémon. At level 100, 4 EVs would raise a stat by one point, at level 50, 8 EVs would raise a stat by one point. The points gained depend on the level: divide 400 by the Pokémon's level to find out how many EVs are needed to raise a stat by one point. To set an example, if you maxed out a Level One Pokémon's attack stat, there would be no difference whatsoever. I hope this helps.