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I'm having a hard time deciding who should learn Steel Wing. Articuno has a higher attack stat, yet Zapdos would have complete coverage. Who should learn the move and why?

Guess I misunderstand what you're asking...
Articuno has a higher attack stat in my game. Yet, I want Zapdos to learn it because it will cover both of its weaknesses.

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Neither should get Steel Wing. It is 70 bp and 90% accuracy. Sure it gives a Defense boost, but that is a 10% chance. Don't bother.

Zapdos has 125 base Sp. Attack stat, so don't waste a moveslot on something like Steel Wing. Heat Wave and HP [Fighting/ Ground] can cover his weaknesses.

Articuno needs to have big attacks to make up for it's lack of offensive power. Steel Wing is adding insult to injury. Hp [Fighting] is better.

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What if the hp ISNT fighting?
Ancientpower may help. I did not realize you were in-game. This kinda limits your options.
Im playing Leaf green
Plus I got the TM
Articunos attack is 103 while Zapdos is 96.  Who should get this move? They are both Lvl 50
Since it is in-game, give it to Zapdos for the coverage.
What about for competitive? this guy posted it on his blog. here is the link:
Its Pokemaster
Ask him if he would use it now. Bet he will say no. That answer is 3 years old, when the site first started. He was probably still learning about competative battling.
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Zapdos actually has a higher attack stat so that and type coverage has to make Zapdos your choice of "Who gonna learn Steel Wing?"

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I think Articuno should learn it because (This may get a bit confusing!) Steel is super effective to Rock, and Rock attacks are 4x effective to Articuno because Rock beats Ice and Flying, which is Articuno's type. So if it has Steel Wing it can kill Rock types. :)

Ill teach them both Steel Wing. Thanks Guys.