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I have a few question about Fling, and Pick Up ability.
What would happen if I threw
-Eject Button thrown to switch them?
-RedCard thrown to switch you?
-Colbur Berry thrown at Psychic type?
-Eviolite thrown at a pre-evolution?
-Different Pokeballs what damage?
-Metronome will it reset the multiplier?
-Leftovers but only one time?

If I had Pickup ability and used Eject Button can it re-enter to use pick up?
What if I use trick to switch items with someone with pickup can they pick it up after use?


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  • Eject Button has no effect
  • Red Card has no effect
  • Colbur Berry would reduce the damage from Fling
  • Eviolite has no effect
  • PokeBalls cannot be flung
  • Metronome has no effect
  • Leftovers has no effect
  • Pickup would be able to pick it up
  • Tricking away an item doesn't make you use Pickup; you need to consume the item in some way


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