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Ok, so in HG SS, you eventually OWN the Safari Zone. Why do you have to pay to enter?

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Well, I suppose it costs money to run a business, and although you own it, the Warden's running the show. You are visiting your business as a customer as well, and it wouldn't be fair for you to get special treatmeant. Finally, someone has to pay for the care of the Pokemon and the Employee wages, so I guess you take some part in it. This is just my musings of course but hope this helps

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It could be because since it is a Nature Reserve, they need the money to keep it running. Maybe the 30 Safari Balls cost $500.

what a good deal. 30 safari balls for 500 Poke bucks
That's why I can't catch anything with safari balls: They suck because they're so cheap!
BUT remember that you can't save while INSIDE the Safari Zone, so it's $500 for 30 Safari Balls in one go.
"Let's play money-making game", anyone?