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I need a grass and a dark type for my hg team, so cacturne is perfect.

How do I unlock him?

Or cacnea

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To unlock Cacturne you need to place 42 Waterside objects in the Desert area.

To unlock Cacnea you need to place 35 Forest objects in the Desert area.
P.S. You need the Nat. Dex.

Hope This Helped :D

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sorry if it looks like i changed my answer but i was looking at serebii when you answered so when i finished editing your answer was there ill upvote you though
oh thank you serebii can be misleading sometimes :)
Actually it was the pokebase that mislead me
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Neither of these pokemon can be caught in the safari zone in Pokemon Heartgold.

Source 1 & Source 2

After checking around it turns out my sources were wrong. This here says that you can get cacturne after placing 18 Forest Objects and waiting 20 Days. This is for the Savannah area.