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I playing Platinum in my DS, it was as good as normal, but when I opening the Key Item in my Bag. The screen is not showing any Key Item and my Platinum is freeze. How can this be happening? Anyone know how to fixed it?

Just let you know, I don't use any hack! So, don't answer that!

I have no idea, this hasn't happened to me. Its probably a broken DS you have, or a broken game
lel this used to happen to me with a different game, You Pull out the card Blow into slot, and try again, if this doesnt work then ur game or DS is broke

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  • Gamecard is damaged/scratched
  • Moisture/dust in the Gamecard slot
  • Second hand game, dodgy
  • DS is plain dodgy
  • Glitch

Just reset your DS so you restart from the previous savepoint, and you should be set to go

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It's not working! I even restart my save, starting a new one, still not working thought. Also it's not happening in my other game.
its something wrong with your gamecard. when did this start happening? like did it every happen before/
Probably, I think I will ask the owner shop, it once happening in my diamond and Pokemon Ranger: GoS, but its happening when it's started
If you've had problems with other gamecards from the same retailer, its probably their fault. If you've had problems with different games from different retailers on the same DS then it's your DS's problem probably.
For the diamond is actually different, but for GoS and Platinum is same, the one who install it. I actually learn to save game and data in my computer. Tried to restart it with a new file save data, but still not working. I think the game is broke. How unfortune.
get a refund for the game and go buy it some place else lol