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Ponyta is by far my favorite Pokemon and I would love to get one in these in Generation V after I beat the games, and I haven't beat one yet, so...
I know that some Pokemon from other regions can be found after beating black/white, is Ponyta one of them? If yes, around what levels? Or do I have to trade via GTS? I'll happy either way. If I have to trade, do you think I'd be able to find someone online willing to trade a level 1-5 Ponyta with no nickname? One in Black and another Black 2 from the GTS? How quickly and for what? I was so sad when I found out Ponyta wasn't the regional Poke'dex in Black and Black 2 so nothing would be more satisfying then to go on a training adventure with a good old Firehorse! Thanks!

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Now you know what my name means. LOL:)

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Ponyta is not available in either. However, Rapidash is. You can find him in B/W on Route 12.

Be persistant, he is rare (10%). He can be found in both regular and dark grass. Once caught, just breed it and VOILA, your Ponya.

Regular Grass = Level 49
Dark Grass = Level 59
Bulbapedia/ Ponyta
Bulabpedia/ Rapidash

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Yay! My army of Ponytas shall begin!!!!!!
When you come for the invasion, i'll be sure to lay out some Stealth Rocks.
If only there was a way to make Rapidash invincible like I thought he was when I was 8 years old...
I remember I accidentally ran away from a Zapdos when I was six. I couldn't get it back, so I was sad. :(
I knew it would have been invincible, even though I probably would have put it in my PC for it's whole life. xD
sometime I should try to beat the entire Pokemon Yellow with nothing but a ponyta/Rapidash! :)