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In Black and White, a Grandfather and Granddaughter can be found in the Village Gate-Route 12 gate, where the Granddaughter states "My grandpa is going to catch a Pokemon for me! I will become a friend of my Pokemon, and someday we will travel in Unova together!" Her grandfather comments on how difficult it is for him to decide what Pokemon she will meet first.

Fast forward two years later, Hugh makes it his mission to rescue the Purrloin Team Plasma stole from his sister that his late grandfather gave her.

So, is there a confirmed relation between these NPCs?


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Nope, because Hugh's younger sister received her Purrloin 5 years before the beginning of B2W2, and therefore 3 years before the start of BW.

>We stole this purrloin in aspertia city five years ago.

Is this an error with game freak? question, where one of the Shadow Triad who returns the Liepard (previously Purrloin) says that he stole it 5 years ago.

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Nope not at all as fondant said, if you go to the gate again, she has a minccino and is a lass.

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