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So, I bought white2 and did a speedy nuzlocke run. During the part where the shadow triad returns purrloin, he says:

>We stole this purrloin in aspertia city five years ago.

Did aspertia city exist five years ago? I'm confused.

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Nice catch, I never noticed until now. It doesn't seem like it would have existed as it was not included in B/W, which was 2 years in the past, but it is possible. It is part of Southwest Unova, which was where you never really went, so it could have been there the whole time but it was not included in the game. It could have been an error, or they could have just made the characters act like it existed then.

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I dunno. It seems, doubtful
It could have not yet been developed but still in existence. Remember you need to get a ferry from Virbank to Castelia, so there could have simply been no mode of public transport because Aspertia, Floccesy and Virbank, due to them not being populated enough yet.
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It existed, but was not accesible in Black/White. Like in the original Red version there was no Sevi islands but they were added in Fire Red. I doubt GameFreak would make a mistake about the timeline of the stolen purrloin.

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