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I'm certain that anyone who has been around on Roblox since 2016 has heard of Pokemon Brick Bronze and Project: Pokemon. Also, if you play Minecraft, you might be familiar with the mod Pixelmon. Well, they got shut down by Nintendo. Will this happen to Showdown too, or is it unique enough to be considered safe?

think they know about it but the backlash would be bigger than ever if they took it down
especially since it was mentioned during an official regional

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An accepted answer on my source is that they make no money from it. If they did, Nintendo would likely be more inclined to shut it down, as they likely don't want people profiting off their games too much.

Another answer is that it may bring focus onto the main games. If you play Showdown and enjoy it, you're likely to pick up a Pokemon game as well. So Showdown might help with sales a bit.

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that's such a relief
Yeah, showdown is a bit of a free advertisement since the people who made Showdown! don;'t get profits.