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I heard from a lot of people that game freak won't make new remakes from DP. Is that true?

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I hope you do not mind that I edited the question slightly so that it is answerable. As it was before, there was no solution to the question since the developers have been pretty much silent on the topic.

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As of now as you said gamefreak has been silent so far but in my opinion there is no reason not to
one thing for sure it's not coming this year or maybe even this Gen which is fine
so DP remakes are coming just not anytime soon
people speculated Hoenn remakes back in gen 5 but I can say we probably are all thankful it didn't come out in gen 5 becuase it wouldn't be as good on the ds with no 3d and megas
so yeah they are coming just don't hold your breath and enjoy the current games for now

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Too bad right now we are getting remakes of a game that came out last year.