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Title says it all. Basically, I'm asking for any official articles that mention that the remakes will be playble on the switch lite. If there are none, just mention that exact phrase

Call me paranoid or whatever but I would rather be paranoid than spend a couple hundred dollars and not be able to play the game I want

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I think that there was a trailer somewhere that had a clip of BDSP on a switch lite.

Edit: Nevermind it was the OLED model. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mHq6Y7JSmg) I doubt that they won't release it on the Lite, since it doesn't seem to have features that the lite wouldn't be able to run.
All nintendo games except 1,2 Switch can be played on the Switch Lite in handheld mode. If you have separate Joy cons you can play every single game that the Nintendo Switch has to offer
What do you mean by 1,2 switch?
Oh I get it now. Except for one of the launch games, I can play all switch games on the lite. That's good to know

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Yes, the remakes will be playable on the Switch Lite.

Not only that, Nintendo is actually releasing a special edition of the Switch Lite for the remakes:

Nintendo will be releasing a new special edition Switch Lite to promote the Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl remakes.


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I suppose there is no point in releasing a new model just for it to be unable to play the very thing it is supposed to promote. Thanks