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Will we be able to trade Pokemon between the Galar and Sinnoh remake games? Would this include some or all items? Would the new games also be compatible with Pokemon Home?

BDSP aren't released yet, so is this question even allowed?
It can just go unanswered until we have more information.
It's November, surely now we can start asking about these games.
But it hasnt release yet. And usually for the switch game uses home, and it will connect to home in 2022.
The question is fine.
I highly doubt this will be the case. It would be cool though!

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Whether you can trade between bdsp and ss remains to be seen. Until the remakes are released, there is no way to know for sure. If things remain the way the other remakes were handled, then they should be able to trade with each other. However

The game is planned to receive Pokémon HOME connectivity at some point in 2022

I'm guessing they want Legends Arceus to be released before they wanna make it home connected

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As many people said it is unsure if it will be trade bale or on but seeing game freak said it will be accessible with home Pokemon can be transferred.

This may also require to get the national dex but still its unsure.