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I was just wondering because Flareon gets a bad move pool, okay stats, Flare Blitz causes recoil damage, its hidden ability, Guts, only works with a Toxic Orb (immune to Flame Orb) which means that if paired up with Flare Blitz, it would get killed really fast especially with just 95 base speed.
That is why people hate this Eeveelution a lot and that's bad for the 2nd Eeveelution in the 1st generation of Pokemon.
I don't mind Flareon, but is it really that horrible and do Nintendo and Game Freak hate it?

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Part of the problem is that there is real lack of good physical Fire type attacks. If we exclude legendary-exclusive moves (V-Create and Sacred Fire), then Flare Blitz is the best physical Fire type move. If you don't want the recoil, then Blaze Kick, which has really limited distribution is the next most powerful, but even it isn't that good with 85 base power and only 90% accuracy. From there we have Fire Punch, which really wouldn't make sense on Flareon (no fists and all...). That leaves us with Fire Fang, at 65 base power, as the next best physical attack.

So Indigo is right, GameFreak doesn't really hate on any particular Pokemon - at least they gave Flareon Flare Blitz in Gen VI. My guess is that until a better physical Fire type move is introduced Flareon will pretty much stay the way it is, simply because of a lack of good moves, not because of any particular hate for Flareon.

Personally, I would like to see a Sacred Fire Flareon, but I really don't think that will happen any time soon!

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That theory that Vaporeon, Flareon and Jolteon were the legendary beasts (or was it the other way around?) as the legendary beasts had the same hidden abilities as the 3 eeveelutions may be confirmed true in the future and then we might REALLY see a Sacred Fire Flareon from an event..... Maybe a movie?
They should of put this original eeveelution and the legendary beast theory in HG and SS btw Hidden abailities didn't exis until Black and White came out
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Do Game Freak hate Magikarp? He barely has any moves at all.
Do Game Freak hate Unown? He only knows 'Hidden Power'.
Do Game Freak hate Sunkern? The lowest base stat total of all Pokemon.

No. Maybe they just can't be bothered with making Flareon amazing, there's no real answer to this. But if they hated Flareon, they would have never put him/her in the game. Simple as that.

Hope I helped. :)