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again. I noticed there was no location data for Ponyta in red/blue but yes in Pokemon Yellow. Can I catch Ponyta in Pokemon Red/blue or do I have to trade from Yellow? I know he's not exclusive. Or is there an error on Pokemon Database I should report? Looks like I'm having a Ponyta question marathon today! XD

I had an obsession with Venusaur yesterday, now it's Rapidash and Ponyta, What's next?

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Ponyta can be found in the Pokemon Mansion in Red and Blue. It is a 2 in 5 chance it will appear and it will be found between Level 28 and Level 34 on the first floor.

Ponyta can be found anywhere else on the Pokemon Mansion, however that has the best chance.

Hope I helped. :)

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Thank you, the ponyta apocalypse is grateful XD