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I Wanna Use ScarfRuption & ScarfSpout ina Doubles Team :3 Typhlosion + Who can do this good?


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Well outside of Kyogre, Blastoise is the fastest. Quickly followed by Jellicent who seems to be a little more useful in double battles ;)

meh I couldn't help it so I decided to give a little more info.
Since Kyogre is banned in smogon doubles you can already scrape him of the list. Blastoise is a very interesting and powerful Pokemon, however it's water spouts can easily be checked so I would not easily suggest using it in smogon doubles
Jellicent is a water type that works exceptionally well in smogon doubles and should also be the one that can use it the best in smogon doubles due to it being immune to Close Combat Hitmontop who seems to be a very common threat in the doubles metagame. However I will not suggest running a double scarruption with to countering types as they work well, but mostly in their respective weathers with Water Spout adoring rain and Eruption sun

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blasty it is... still kina slow do,

what about eruption?
As for Eruption the 2 fastest are Entei and Typhlosion both rivaling each other at a base 100 speed. However Typhlosion has a better special attack stat then Entei standing at 109 vs 90
ScarfTran is better for Eruption in OU.
yeah, however he needs it for smogon doubles but so many Pokemon seem to be scarfed in doubles nowadays, including tyranitar who is faster then a quiet natured scarfed Heatran :/
Quiet with a Scarf... o_O
Yeah, Heatran has to have a specific nature with Eruption because event.