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How much HP do you have to lose?

Also, does Brine end up being more powerful than Surf when Surf overtakes the power of Water Spout?

When you have -6 SpA, 1 Hp and you use it in the sun o3o
There is an answer even though many people say it depends on the Pokemon, which is half-right; it just happens to be a fraction [See My Answer].

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Depends on the Pokemon for a specific number.


According to the formula, the Pokemon has to be at 59.9% HP or lower for Surf to be more Powerful.

Brine inflicts damage, and its power doubles to 130 when the target is at or below 50% health.

No, Brine will not be more powerful unless the target Pokemon is at half HP.

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It depends on your max HP.


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Water Spout:

150 × CurrentHP ÷ MaxHP

Therefore when your Current HP is 3/5 or 0.6 that of your Max HP, Water Spout is the same power as Surf because:

[n = Max HP]
150 x 0.6n ÷ n = 90
n ÷ n = 1
150 x 0.6 ÷ 1 = 90


Power doubles if opponent's HP is less than 50%.

So its' power has no relevance to when Surf's power is greater than Water Spout's because they change depending on different variables: Water Spout = Your HP and Brine = the opponets's HP.

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There is no real answer(it depends on the Pokemon).

It depends on the Pokemon's maximum HP, so it's different for every Pokemon(except for those who have the same max HP).

The power of Water spout is determined by this formula:


Hope I helped.

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