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What is the difference between the red highlight when you search for an area for a Pokemon to be and blue highlights? I can not find a Heracross, and it is highlighted in red.

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Areas in blue indicate that they are just a broad area to find the pokemon. It can be in the grass or in a cave.

Areas in red indicate that you can't just encounter it. In the case of Heracross, it indicates that you can find it there if you slather honey on the tree. That's why Heracross' area is so widespread; Those are places with honey trees. It also can indicate that you need the super rod to catch it, or it's in a specialized area like the Safari Zone. There may be some other such circumstances that I can't recall.

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thanks. do you happen to know the percentage in which it takes to catch a heracross? i know munchlax is super low.
I don't, you might want to post it as a question so it'll be more adpt to be seen.