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Im allwyas so confussed about ev's
Someone please help
Basically I need an easy step but step ( doesnt have to be long or anything) that will help me or maybe even others, understand about EV's

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Sorry, but im not getting the question.
i don't either and watched like 30 videos explaining ev training
What do you mean right from the start?
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Sorry if you didnt understand it and let me know if you still dont

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When you first get a Pokemon through catching it in the wild or hatching it, it has no EVs. If you got it through a wifi trade, then there's a possibility it already has EVs. You can feed it EV reducing berries to reset its EVs, but you cannot check what EVs it has for sure.

Only when you battle with a Pokemon does it gain EVs. To work out what EVs you're gaining, go here, that's a list of Pokemon by their EV yield.

There are things that alter EV gain, like Pokerus and Macho Brace (doubles all EV gain, so if you were gaining 3 EVs per Pokemon, you would gain 6 instead), and Power items (add four to every battle won, regardless of what EVs the Pokemon would give; e.g., you're holding a Power Belt, and you fight a Jellicent, which gives 1 Sp. Def EV. The Belt will add 4 Defence EVs, so you will gain 4 Defence and 1 Sp. Def EV).

EV enhancing items

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Wow... you answer almost everyones questions and you answer them so perfectly XD thanks
Only because it's summer and I have too much spare time. :P