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What Incense go to which Pokemon to obtain the baby Pokemon?

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The only one I know is Wobbuffet + Lax Incense = Wynaut. What are the other Pokemon and their own incense?

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Snorlax - Munchlax = Full incense

Chansey or Blissey - Happiny = Luck incense

Mr. Mime - Mime Jr. = Odd incense

Chimecho - Chingling = Pure incense

Sudowoodo - Bonsly = Rock incense

Roselia or Roserade - Budew = Rose incense

Azumarill or Marill - Azurill = Sea incense

Mantine - Mantyke = Wave incense

Hope this helps!

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>Full Incense: Snorlax → Munchlax
>Lax Incense: Wobbuffet Wynaut
> Luck Incense: Chansey/ Blissey → Happiny
>Odd Incense: Mr. Mime → Mime Jr.
>Pure Incense: Chimeco → Chingling
>Rock Incense: Sudowoodo → Bonsly
>Rose Incense: Roselia/ Roserade → Budew
> Sea Incense: Marill/ Azumarill → Azurill
>Wave Incense: Mantine → Mantyke

Source: Bulbapedia/ Incense

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