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I have a Level 1 Starly in my Pokemon Storage Box and I don't want him like that all the time, could he be at a high level after I try to beat the Elite Four?

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Depends which game too.

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My best guess would be low-to-mid 30's. But it depends on whether it's the rematch Elite Four, or the regular lineup.

Either way, it's fairly easily leveling.

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About 25,to 27 thats my bess gess

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About Level 35

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Ive tried a similar thing with riolu and it got to around 35 do id say 30-40 for sure if you battle all the elite dl4 and the champion !!

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Level 20-50 would be my guess.

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id say
elite 4 NO#1=20-30
elite 4 rematch=35-43
GEN IV in platinum(starlys most commen game)
so do it at least two times then in no matter what game you probly will get your stararaptorXD

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