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All I know is I need ho-oh. BUt I killed him so I cant realy do that. so eny ideas. Please help.(i know I can catch him but im using the master ball to catch mewtwo or some other rare pokemon)

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Ok, thanks pokemaster. :)
NO! don't cap mewtwo using the masterball!! here is what you do:
save b4 hand,
wekin him(paralize him is good in combination)
so by now you've done the basic pokemon cap'in steps now throw some fast ballls
throw more
then welcome mewtwo to your team >:-)
NOTE: you may run out of fastballs in that case go and reset(whell DUH)

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If you KO'd Ho-Oh you can catch it again later, after you beat the Elite Four. Or trade for it if you like. If you go at night you can use Dusk Balls which are much more effective.

There is no way to get past the wall without Ho-Oh.

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